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Sunday, September 23, 2007

where are YOU?

I am wondering what happened to a friend. I did not hear from him for so long. We have no contact. He did not logged on through his YM account and I can't make to send him an SMS because I know he won't reply (di kasi nagloload). It was his birthday that I last talked to him. He is neither updating his friendster profile for a month now.

RYAN RELATOR how are you doin'? I am still here, just buzz me.


it is still CONTINUED

I am just very comfortable to say it -- 24 season 7 & 8 will soon be shown in the US while season 6 is being aired starting this month.

Can't wait to see it!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

ang MATA ni abou

Uso daw sore eyes sa Pilipinas. My friend Abou sent me a message two nights ago without any greeting or any introduction which ussually does and it reads and I qoute -- "my sore eyes ako."

Problema n'ya kasi maulan sa Pilipinas, 'di man pwede magsunglass e may fiesta na pupuntahan. Geri, i-isolate mo ang illy. Baka magkalat.

Bou, congratulations.


my adventure with JACK BAUER

I had been spending my weeknights for the past two weeks consecutively watching the season 4 and 5 of 24. Ningning was a bit jealous of 24. I'm sorry but find myself teaming up with Jack Bauer fighting against terrorists.

I have watched 24 season 5 actually ahead of 4 and I can't help but admire that there is a certain Jack Bauer who have enough courage than anyone else to ran after these bad guys. I would like to thank our neighboor Aida for these DVDs.
In both seasons, I admire a lot the role of Chloe O'Brien -- the best computer analyst in the CTU. With her facial expressions, I consider her a heroine along with Jack. A very nice team up, the one who could go against the order of her superiors when national security is at stake.

One thing that I have just noticed, most of the casts never took a break for coffee, meal ao any personal necessities within 24 hours and I pity Jack the most becuase he has just end up the crisis in the season 5 taking nothing and he was again beaten and taken to China by these Chinese guys who ran after him. Let's waith for the season 6.
To sum it all, it was a good wok, in my own opinion. Try to watch it for yourself. Enjoy!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


Mga kaberks, I wanted to share with you some of these images sent to me by my friend Richard from Chicago. This is the Optical Illusions:

Is this Possible?

Are the purple lines straight or bent?

Do you see gray areas in between the squares? Now where did they come from?

You should see a man's face and also a word... Hint: Try tilting your head to the right, the world begins with 'L'

I really find this interesting. Try n'yo lang.


ang leon ni JOEY

This is one of my writing moods and I have my time. My wife and Geodric are both in bed now. I have something to say about what happened to this week. Actually, si Ningningsng unang nakaalam nito kasi masyado nyang nakahiligan manood ng Boy and Kris uploaded in this site. And we are a bit disappointed kasi tinanggal na ng ABS-CBN ang lahat ng mga uploaded videos nila claiming for their copyright, which is very appropriate lang naman. My worry, is on my part. Kasi di ko natapos panoorin ang Ysabella ni Judy Ann. Jologs talaga. Si Ningning ganon din. E ano ba naman ang nagagawa ng internet connection namin dito sa bahay kundi friendster at youtube mostly. Hehe...Then, we realized what happened prior to that. Does it has something to do with the pronouncement made by Joey de Leon against Wowowie with regards to that "fraud"? Let me say it. Walang hiya ka Joey de Leon. On the other side of this story, I can't understand why Joey de Leon is so bitter when it comes sa Dos. I remember when Toni Gonzaga shifted to Kapamilya, he was very vocal and it really shows his bitter attitude. Ang lakas manlait e, that time, Kempee de Leon was also on ABS CBN. Hehe...wala lang pero may araw ka rin.


Bonjour mga kaberks!

I would like ask an apology for unupdated posts on my blogs. I was a little busy working these past few days, if not looking for one, that I could not even afford to make a call to my wife sometimes, how I am doing and replying to some important SMS. Perhaps, I need to prioritize things.

Minsan kasi, I am waiting for the right time and my writing mood para at least I could be at least spontaneous but when there is the mood, there is no time . Alam n'yo naman, meron na akong makulit na anak at asawa.

Anyways, I would like to thank Olive Colesio for this, a "friendster" for sharing this site and I would like to invite Aniqueños out there to visit this site. Please log on to
If you wanted to refresh your kinaray-a in terms of everything, dyan kamo magpa-ayaw ayaw.
Plus, there's a live stream of Radyo Natin.

Thanks sa admin.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

idiotic WEEK

Kamusta na mga kaberks? Ano bang bago? September na naman at ibig sabihin n'yan e Christmas is approaching. Mabilis talaga lumipas ng panahon.

Before anything elase, I would like to inform you (para akong nag-aanounce, ibahin ko na lang ang tagline) I would like to greet some of special person (ewan kung bakit sila special) a Happy Birthday. First, is my cousin Anie Unlayao, who is in St. Tropez, France right now, on the 4th. Ryan Relator, (i dunno when exactly pero this September yon as per Abou's reminder); CJ Lanuza, my nephew; Boning and Flori Ann, my brother and sister. 'Yon. Break muna, para akong nagbabasa ng greetings sa radyo.

By the way, speaking of radio, I would like to share with you this website para sa kung sino man ang mahilig makinig ng live streaming ng FM stations from Philippines. Syempre, kasama dito ang Star FM 102.7 Manila. Loyal pa din talaga pero sa totoo, I used to listen to them here in Switzerland.

These past few days also, I have the chance of visiting some of the blog entries of Jiggy Manicad, Jobart Bartolome at katatapos ko lang ng kay Howie Severino. They are all worth reading for. Para na ring ke Arden Rod. Just check their blogs on

Also, this week, Ningning and I got the chance of seeing some of the latest buzz in the showbiz from Pinas. Kakatuwa na nakakatawa pero these thing really reflect what we Filipinos are. Talagang mababaw lang ang ating kaligayahan. 'Di din talaga pahuhuli pati issue ng paglipat ni Angel Locsin sa Dos e pinapatos. Hmm..bayaan na natin sila.Anyway, thanks to

Dami ko tuloy kwento kasi ilang days na din akong hindi nakapagpost ng blog. This last days also, we brought Geodric in the Zoo Parc in Plainpalais. This happens annually kung kelan KNIE brought some of the animals -- elephants, horses, lamas, zebras, unggoys, ponys, baboy, kambing, parrots and camels. So far 'yon lang naalala ko. Maswerte na din kahit paano si Geodric kasi siguro noong one year old ako sa Pinas hindi ako pinakitaan ng tunay na elepante, zebra at camel. And he was indeed very happy.

Hmm...patapos na ang summer. Actually, medyo malamig na ang panahon ngayon dito kahit na pa me araw pa. Hindi na umaakyat hangang 33 degrees ang temperature kaya mabuti na ang pakiramdam. And my wife noticed that I am gaining weight. Para na naman akong nija turtle nito. Blame it to the picnics and kainan gathering. Sana di ako natitempt kumain. E. eto ngat at kakauwi lang din namin from the Tarins' where we spent the lazy Sunday afternoon plus nakidinner na din don with matching karaoke. (I love singing)

I am also wondering what will happen this week kasi medyo wavy kasi nangyari sa amin mag-asawa this last week. Ilang beses na din kami nagkatampuhan because of pagtitipid issue. I guess, that's it. In one way or another meron talaga difference ang pananaw ng babae at lalake sa concept ng pagtitipid. Para kasi mapadali ang pag-ipon kaya nagtitipid. And guess, hindi alam ito mostly ng mga kababayan natin sa Pinas how hard our OFWs' lives abroad. Siguro medyo stress lang din asawa ko kais dami nga kasi expenses namin here. Oi, we are not living that very comfortable life here. Everything is sacrifice. But we are always looking at the good side of life para maging balance ang sitwasyon plus prayer.

It's 11:28pm na and I have also to rise early tommorow kasi maaga din ang pasok ko.

Goodnight mga kaberks and I'll be posting photos next time.