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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

goodbye INU

As usual, I have a busy afternoon yesterday. I was in the midst of refreshing Geodric and while I was trying to put his diaper on, I recieved a call from Outi, Steve's girlfriend. I picked up my phone but I did not hear her. Geodric was still naked when she rang again and this time I could hear her.

Her voice sounds normal, relax while doing her greetings, but maybe she is just trying to be calm but while our conversation is goin on,she gave up, I could hear her crying while saying this:

George, I would like you to know that....Inu died
today and it was a peaceful death for her and I know that she's very happy...

She's crying like she lost a child.

Inu died. She was 15 yera-old Akita Inu and she was suffering from severe arthritis that because of medical complications, her kidney was damages that made her noto control her urination. She had suffered a lot,

After that call from Outi my emotion was like, oh, so Inu died, because I was with my son but when I wake up this morning, the reality set me in. I am saddened by Inu's death. I will terribly miss that dog that gave me a hard time in the elevator, that made me feel like an idiot sometimes, hmmm...., she is just a dog but she's my buddy. True, I was expecting her to be gone within this week but not as early as today. I was hoping to see her this morning but no.

Inu, I will be misssig you a lot but I know you are very happy now wherever you maybe.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

rather INSULTING & what?

Last week also, as I was surfing the net, my eyes caught this line on my igoogle homepage, before I open my email, the news about this episode in Desperate Housewives vis-a-vis medical schools in the Philippines. It was Teri Hatcher's (Susan Mayer) line that drew a lot of reactions especially from the medical society of both Filipino and American-Filipinos from the US and from the Philippines also. The line went something like this:

"Okay, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? Coz I would
just like to make sure they are not from some med school in the Philippines.."

Me and my wife was also a Desperate Housewives fanatic, actually we have the entire season 1 and season 2 but unfinished and we also kinda like it. But, I was surprise when it popped to the news last week about this episode in the fourth season (?) and it was rather insulting. I am in one of those who wanted the producer of the show and everyone involved including Teri Hatcher to make a public apology but Ihave also some worries. And what's next? Do their public apology would change how do they looked at us Filipinos? As part of my experience as an OFW, mahirap talaga na baguhin kung ano ang naging impression ng ibang bansa sa atin. OO, magaling tayong magtrabaho, matapat tayo sa mga amo, madali tayong matuto yet, at the end of the day Pilipino pa rin tingin nila sa atin. And I guess you know what I mean.
I hope that we may find time to contemplate and think and learn something from this experience and hoping that something in our Filipinohood be change. This give us the chance to focus what is really happening in our system. Para naman maiba ang istorya nating mga Pilipino, gawin natin kung ano ang dapat. Mautak tayo di ba?



Bonjour tout monde!

It was a heavy week for Ningning & me this past week. We had been working under time pressure and that was stressful. We came to Manoy Junior's 50th birthday celebration this afternoon and the food was loaded. Grabe talaga apetite ng Pinoy and that made no surprise sa Chinese owner ng restaurant where it was held. Plus, hmmm...ang ingay. Well, sanayan lang yan.

I have experience something different last week. This happened last Friday. I was doing my ussual routinary work with Mr. Katz. While I was moving those bags of dirt to be used for the garden next spring, I feel this feeling, the one you also regulary feel in the morning -- najejebs ako. 'Di ko na kayang pigilin pa at wala ng panahon pa para pumunta ng kubeta. Hehe..after a long long time, ngayon ko lang ito nagawa -- ang jumebs sa tabi ng puno gamit ang mga dahon na pamunas sa puwet. At ang linis ng pagkapunas ko. Walang naiwan sa brief ko. Grade two pa yata ko ng last ko pa ito nagawa. Haha..only in Geneva.

Kayo? Nagawa n'yo ba ang nagawa ko? At your age? Guts lang 'yan.